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A truly customised and affordable IT solution where you only pay for functions you need.
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How can FMCG Solutions help?

  • A truly customised and affordable software solution where you only pay for functions you need. No longer will you have to adapt to complicated applications; let the application adapt to you.
  • We work on the projects regardless of size. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  • 100% New Zealand owned and based team, located in Auckland. Stop fighting the same communication problems over and over again.

About Us

FMCG Solutions is established by 3 individuals from different corners of the industry but sharing a common passion; Efficient Business Success.

Colin Lowe
Supermarket Retail Specialist

Colin has thrived in the FMCG Industry for over 13 years. During this time he has acquired in-depth skills and knowledge within NZ’s iconic supermarket brands. Over the years Colin has understood that the FMCG Industry holds a world of opportunities for superior business growth through targeted IT Solutions. After developing his first personalized IT Solution in the retail environment; he saw the greater potential for other businesses but also identified the difficulties in accessing this service.

Deanna Chiang
Sales Specialist

Deanna has over 20 years experience in FMCG Industry. As a business owner, Deanna went through the process of finding a suitable CRM system for her Sales & Merchandising Agency. The existing customizable options in the market are expensive and complicated to use. Deanna has specific requirements for a CRM system and has trouble finding a one that is flexible yet affordable. Deanna is passionate to be part of a company that provides truly customized solutions at affordable prices to retailers and suppliers.

Faye Cao
IT & Marketing Specialist

Coming from an IT and Digital Marketing background, Faye is creative yet logical. It has always been her passion to encourage business success through task automation. She strongly believes that no business should be wasting precious time on repetitive tasks.

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